Your Guide to Survival During Tet – West Lake restaurant & shop opening hours

Emporium – 172 Xuan Dieu St: Business as usual, open 9am to 8pm every day

Emporium – 39 Xuan Dieu St: Closed 4th, 5th & 6th February

Villa Eatalia: Closed 3rd & 4th FebruaryO

Body & Soul Spa, 84 To Ngoc Van St: Closed 3d to 10th February

Sushi Dokoro, 95 Xuan Dieu St: Closed from 3rd to 5th February

Cugini’s To Ngoc Van St: Closed 3rd to 8th February

The Kneipe, 52 To Ngoc Van St: Open every day

L’s Place – 1 Xuan Dieu St: Closes 4pm on 4th February, opens 10am on 8th Feb

El Gaucho 99 Xuan Dieu St: Open every day

One Dental Clinic: Closed 4th to 9th February

Bookworm, Chau Long St: Open every day

Intercontinental Hotel, Westlake: open every day

Starbucks Xuan Dieu: Closes 12:00 noon 4th Feb; Opens 12:00 noon 5th Feb

St Honore – 5 Xuan Dieu St: Closes afternoon of 4th Feb ; Re-opens 9th February

Hung Long Minimart 71B Xuan Dieu St – Closed 5th February, opens 8th February

Republic – 12 Quang An St- Feb 3 to Feb 8: 12pm to 22pm. Open as normal from 9/2

Chops – Quang An St: : Feb 3 to Feb 8: 12:00pm to 10:00pm. Open as normal from 9/2

SOS/Raffles Medical: Closed Feb 4 to Feb 8

Family Medical Practice: Open 24/7 ph. 024 3843 0748

O’Douceurs – 90 To Ngoc Van St: Closed 2nd to 12th February

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