Worried about air quality?

Air quality is a common conversation topic at the moment in Hanoi and the source of a lot of angst too. Where can we get trustworthy and reliable information on the air we’re breathing in?


The US Embassy measures air quality at 19/21 Hai Bà Trưng in Hoan Kiem District. It updates reading every hour and uses the following table as a guide:


UNIS Hanoi measures air pollution from its campus in Ciputra and posts updates here: https://tso.unishanoi.org/aqi/

For a break-down of air pollutants, visit the German Embassy website: http://hanoiair.de/en_US/

We looked at several websites and apps that claim to map Hanoi’s air quality, like: http://www.fairnet.vn/  but the readings are very inconsistent and often don’t correspond with the readings from trusted stations like the US Embassy.

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