What your friends’ names mean in Vietnamese

Unlike most European names, Vietnamese names are words that are commonly used in every-day speech. Did you realise that every time you say “Good morning Duong” that you’re actually saying “Good morning, virile”? Read on!

BẢO  protection, security

BÌNH   level, even, peaceful

CÚC  chrysanthemum

DIỆP  leaf

ĐỨC   virtue

DŨNG   brave

DƯƠNG  male, virile

GIANG   river

HẢI   sea, ocean

HẰNG  lady

HOA   flower

HỒNG  pink, red

HÙNG     brave, manly

HƯƠNG    fragrant

KIM gold, metal

LAN    orchid


LINH   spirit, soul

MAI  plum, apricot

MINH   bright


NGỌC   precious stone

NGUYÊN  original, first

NGUYỆT  moon

NHUNG  velvet

PHÚC happiness

PHƯƠNG  direction

PHƯỢNG   phoenix


QUÂN  army

QUYỀN   power, authority

QUỲNH   deep red

SƠN   mountain

THI   poetry

THỊ  clan


THU   autumn

THUẦN   pure

THÙY   suspend, hang

TIÊN   fairy

TRINH  virtuous, chaste, loyal

TUÂN  obey

VÂN   cloud

VINH   glory

XUÂN  spring

YÊN calm, peaceful

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