What NOT to buy your Vietnamese friends for Christmas

Wondering what to Christmas gifts to  buy for your VN friends? Before you hit the shops, it’s good to know what’s on the taboo list. We discovered some gifts (apart from the commonly known ones like scissors, clocks and knives) that you really shouldn’t buy Vietnamese people:

Chrysanthemums: these are only bought to put on the altar  and should never be given as gifts

White flowers of any description (white flowers are reserved for the funerals of people who die before they are married)

4 of anything ie 4 coasters, 4 cups etc. Instead buy a set in these numbers: 3, 5 or 10

Anything black – it’s the colour of death

Fruit hampers are a great idea, but never include bananas – not sure why. Anyone who knows, please write in and inform us!

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