Volunteering in Vietnam

One of the easiest ways to feel connected to Hanoi & meet some people outside your workplace is to join a volunteer organisation. We recommend starting at this website: http://www.ngocentre.org.vn/ The site contains an up-to-date Vietnam-wide database, in alphabetical order, of NGOs in the country together with the email addresses of their offices. (The site also lists paid employment opportunities if you’re looking for a job change) This website is not comprehensive, though – we noticed that Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is not listed there, and this is an excellent organisation that relies on volunteer input to keep its vital anti-human trafficking programs in place. Blue Dragon can be contacted at: info@bdcf.org

Koto is another favorite with expats, offering volunteering opportunities for people with hospitality experience and/or English teaching qualifications. You can read about the Koto story here

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