The Do’s and Dont’s of gift-giving during Tet

  1. Think the colour red – give watermelon or dragon fruit, for example
  2. For children, money inside a red envelope or lì xì. Make sure the notes are brand-new.
  3. Orange or gold-coloured gifts are also great – two easy ideas are mandarins and pomegranates.
  4. Wrap gifts in red or gold paper, or with red or gold ribbon
  5. Scarves are an old favorite – you can’t go wrong, but don’t choose anything in white or black
  6. A cumquat tree or a peach tree branch covered in blossom – everyone will love you for this
  7. For old people, you can give a Dong Ho painting
  8. Wine –  a winning idea, especially if it’s imported
  9. Preserved fruit is hugely popular – candied coconut & ginger are definitely good choices
  10. Nuts – peanuts are a bit lowbrow; instead choose cashews or pistachios. The more expensive, the better
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