Tet Gift Guide

Not sure what to buy your Vietnamese friends for Tet? A wallet or purse is a winning idea. It is believed that a new wallet is likely to attract money to the owner in the coming year. There’s one catch, though. In order for the wallet to be lucky, the giver must put one red-coloured banknote inside. This would be a 50,000vnd note in local currency, but any currency is fine, as long as it’s red in colour.

Anything red, yellow or gold is also suitable for a Tet gift, including foods and flowers. Think red wine, red roses, chocolates wrapped in gold foil, red dragonfruit…..red or yellow scarves…..you simply cannot go wrong with these colours at Tet.

We’re moving into Year of the Rat (in Vietnamese, there’s only one word for mouse and rat, so you can take con chuột to mean either) so anything bearing a picture of a mouse or shaped like a mouse could be an ideal gift. Even Mickey Mouse merchandise is ok.

Knives and clocks are no-no’s as gifts. Avoid anything black. Gift wrapping is optional – it’s more of a Western thing. If you’re not sure what to buy, be conservative. Tea, coffee, alcohol and chocolate are always well-received Tet gifts.

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