Tet explained

The Lunar New Year period in Vietnam, Tet, is a shortened version of its full name: Tet Nguyen Dan which translates to “the first morning of the first day of the new year”. One of the main tasks for Vietnamese families in the run-up to this time is to cleanse their homes and lives of any bad luck from the previous year: settling debts, resolving ongoing disputes and spring cleaning the home.

This year, the first day of Tet will fall on Tuesday 5th February 2019, and this day will usher in the final year in the 12-year lunar cycle, the Year of the Pig. Last time Year of the Pig hit Vietnam, it was accompanied by a baby boom, as many parents felt that the characteristics of those born during this lunar year were desirable, for people born under this sign are supposed to be loyal and very genuine, and are blessed with good fortune.

The official Tet holiday period for 2019 in Vietnam starts on 4th February and finishes on 10th February.

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