Storing food in a humid climate

Living in a hot, humid city like Hanoi, we often feel tempted to store all our fruits and vegetables in the fridge to stop them from perishing. While this storage method will prolong the shelf life of many fresh foods, there are some foods that should be kept unrefrigerated:

Melons: watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew melons etc should be stored at room temperature until cut open. After then, they will keep tolerably well in a fridge for a few days.

Potatoes: don’t be tempted to refrigerate them ever. Just pop them in the pantry, away from light, and they’ll be fine

Garlic & onions: they’ll go mushy if you keep them in the fridge. Store them in a drawer or cupboard. 

Tomatoes: leave them in the fridge and they’ll quickly lose their taste. Keep them at room temperature for best results

Nuts: same as tomatoes

Honey: leave in on the shelf in your pantry. Don’t worry about it – it will keep for ages outside the fridge

Coffee: it’s tempting to put it inside the fridge to extend its shelf-life, but resist the urge. Buy small amounts at a time and keep it in a well-sealed canister

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