Plants that ward off mosquitoes

It’s Dengue fever season again & time to ramp up the battle against mosquitoes. These plants can all deter mozzies, but keep in mind that not exposing your skin is the best defense.

Lavender – not only do mosquitoes hate this plant, but so do flies and moths. It’s an all-round winner!

Citronella Geranium – only some varieties of geranium repel mosquitoes, so choose carefully.

Citronella – it looks boring, but mosquitoes hate it!

Peppermint – smells delicious to humans & it’s perfect in your iced tea. Also keeps mozzies at bay

Lemon Balm – so easy to grow – in fact, you’ve got to be careful it doesn’t take over your garden.

Basil – apparently the oils from this plant can kill mosquito larvae. Mosquitoes loathe it

Mint – ordinary garden variety mint repels most insects. In addition, you can crush the leaves and rub it on itchy bites to soothe the pain

Marigolds – the pyrethrum in marigolds makes them toxic to most insects, mosquitoes included

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