Natural ways to keep mosquitoes out of your life

It’s the start of mosquito season in Hanoi so we thought it was time we researched some healthy, non-toxic ways to repel these annoying critters. Here’s what we found:

Citronella candles – mosquitoes hate them, and we think they smell divine

Plant lavender, lemongrass & rosemary in pots on your balcony and under your windows – they are natural deterrents.

Turn on your fan – mozzies don’t like moving air

Rub baby oil into your skin, as mosquitoes find it difficult to get their sting through a layer of oil

Soak ribbons in tea tree oil or lavender oil and tie them near your windows and doors. Both scents repel mosquitoes

Wash your feet! Mozzies are attracted to our body odor. Your feet are generally the smelliest part of your body, so keep them clean.

Chop up some garlic and sprinkle it onto your pot-plants and window sills

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