Keeping Jet lag at bay

Our blog post last week on beating jet lag with herbal tea received loads of interest & comments, so we decided to investigate the topic of jet lag cures in greater depth this week. Here’s what we found:

Light: Sunlight tells your body clock when it’s time to wake up, and darkness signals that it’s time to sleep. When you arrive home, make sure you spend as much time outside in the elements as possible, so that your body takes its cues to wake 7 sleep. No matter how tired you are during the day, pull yourself together and go for a walk outside – and leave your sunglasses behind. You’ll be rewarded with a better night’s sleep. 

Say No to airline food: Refusing to eat airline food will not only help to save the planet by reducing packaging waste – it will also help you to avoid jet lag. Airline food is notoriously full of oil and quick carbohydrates, neither of which will do you any favours on the flight. Instead, drink copious amounts of water and avoid alcohol. When you arrive at your destination, if it’s breakfast time, eat a healthy, high-protein brekkie and have a cup of coffee to keep you awake.  If you arrive during the evening, a big meal once you land will help you sleep.  

Stay hydrated: A large part of jet lag is due to dehydration, which starts the minute you get on a plane. It’s exacerbated if you start drinking alcohol in the departure lounge or during your flight. Just say no to alcohol, and drink at least 1 litre of water every 3 hours. Some people report that electrolyte drinks and powders can keep jet lag at bay – it’s definitely worth trying this remedy to see if it works for you.

Showering: If you arrive at your destination in the morning, have a cold shower as soon as you get home. Your body will be reminded that it’s morning time. Conversersely, if you arrive home in the evening, a nice hot shower will signal to your body that it’s bedtime. 

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