How to survive long haul flights without going crazy

Your long-haul flight survival kit

Nearly everyone’s getting ready to fly out of Hanoi for summer. Read this list of essentials before you pack your cabin luggage.

  1. Headphones or ear plugs, just in case there’s a screaming toddler or a guy who snores like a steam strain sitting beside you
  2. A notebook & pen – to write lists of things to do & buy when you arrive at your destination
  3. The more digital devices you can squeeze into your hand luggage, the better. Kindles, iPads, laptops & smartphones can prevent you from dying of boredom on a long-haul flight. Check the regulations if you’re flying to the USA though…
  4. Battery charger & cable. Just in case your iPod/iPhone/tablet runs out of juice
  5. Sleeping mask – you’d be surprised how complete darkness can help you to sleep
  6. Slather on some skin milk every couple of hours while flying to avoid looking like a reptile when you disembark
  7. A water bottle, but make sure it’s empty when you go through airport security. Guzzling water throughout your flight will help to reduce jet lag.
  8. Neck pillow – don’t leave home without one!
  9. Chew-able candy, to help pop your ears during take-off and landing
  10. Socks, in case the air-conditioning starts freezing your toes off
  11. A book or magazine to read during take-off, because airlines won’t let us use digital devices at this stage of the flight
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