How to keep your home mold-free over Tet

Moldy March has arrived already in Hanoi & it’s still January. Here is a room-by-room guide to combating mold.


If you want a mold-free home, you’ve got to keep humidity below 60% inside your house. In addition to this, most molds cannot grow in temperatures under 21 degrees Celsius. Your two most important tools to combat mold are therefore the air con and the dehumidifier. If you don;t have either, keep the air circulating with fans, as mold grows when the air is still.


Keep your wardrobe doors open while you’re at work to encourage ventilation.

Don’t hang too many clothes up in one wardrobe as this will encourage mold will grow. Space your clothes out along each rack

Stuff dry newspaper inside your leather boots and shoes and store them in the driest room of the house

Direct sunlight kills mold and mold and mold spores. On sunny days, take your clothes and shoes outside and air them out

If you don’t have a wardrobe heater, place a lamp inside your wardrobe and turn it on for a few hours to dry your clothes out


Wipe down the walls and floor of your shower after every use.

Keep the bathroom windows open while you shower to allow steam to escape and to prevent condensation


Avoid hand-washing as clothes take so much longer to dry when you wash using this method. Ideally, you want to wash and dry your clothes as fast as possible during periods of high humidity

Don’t ever hang wet clothes inside as this will exacerbate your mold problem

If you absolutely must hang your clothes inside, choose a room with excellent ventilation and keep a fan running and window open. Ensure the room is closed off from the rest of your house.

Put your clothes through an extra spin cycle in the washing machine to remove as much excess water as possible


Wipe down all surfaces with eucalyptus oil. It smells great and it fights mold

Check under your sink for any leaks, and fix them immediately, no matter how small they are

Use the exhaust fan every time you cook to prevent condensation from forming on your kitchen walls

Leave cupboard doors open to encourage ventilation

Check and clean the drip-tray under your fridge


Move all furniture a few centimetres back from the walls

Leave the curtains open to allow sunlight in. Mold prefers darkness

Clean your aircon filters 

Vacuum rugs and carpets regularly, as dust particles host mold

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