How to keep hydrated during the summer months in Hanoi

Exercise as early in the morning as possible, when the weather is relatively cooler.

One sign of dehydration is that you don’t urinate. Drink enough water that you’re peeing at least once an hour on hot days.

Check the colour of your pee – it should be the palest of yellows. If it’s dark, glug down more water

If you’re bored drinking plain water, add a slice of lime or even some cucumber to add some interest

Headaches are another sign of dehydration. Drinking water regularly throughout the day is key to staying hydrated. Binge-drinking water sporadically won’t do the trick.

When we sweat, our bodies lose water and minerals. Remember to replenish these minerals every day. Oresol powder is the cheapest way to do this – the sachets are available at all pharmacies.

It’s so obvious, but wear a hat!

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