Hacks to help you save the planet

Simple actions can have a huge impact

Sustainability is the catch-cry of the year and if you haven’t got aboard this ship, there’s no time like the present. Make just a few small changes in your life and you can save resources.

  1. Next time you stay in a hotel, grab the shower cap! These amazing little things can be reused hundreds of times as food covers. Now you don’t need plastic clingfilm in your kitchen! These shower caps are also handy for dog owners – use them as an emergency water bowl.

2. Keep you phone on airplane mode as often as possible. This will save energy AND when you charge your phone while it’s on airplane mode, it will take only a fraction of the time.

3. If you’re not already vegetarian, join the Meatless Monday Movement and don’t eat meat one day per week. Cows are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, so eating less steak will have a direct effect on air quality.

4. There’s really no need to buy commercial cleaning fluids. You can clean just about any surface with one or more of these: lemon, vinegar & baking soda. Look here for recipes

5. Re-use old newspapers to clean your windows, instead of using paper towel. Newspaper gives by far a better finish too!

6. Don’t throw away your snagged or laddered stockings and pantyhose. They can be used as sleeves to keep posters and wrapping paper rolled up.

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