Four Foods that Keep you Cool in Hot Weather


Eating an apple a day will not only keep the doctor away; it will also make you feel cooler & will reduce your hunger. If you’re extra hungry, try a little peanut butter with the apple to fill you up. If you need further convincing that apples are beneficial, think about this: the pectin in apples aids weight loss. Case closed!


Few fruits cool you down as quickly as a juicy pineapple that has been refrigerated. They are also great in smoothies, combined with banana, spinach & cucumber. Pineapples contain a natural anti-inflammatory agent, bromelain, so they’re great for joint pains too.

Lemons & limes

Anything from the citrus family has a cooling effect on your body in summer. Add lemon or lime juice to cold water, to encourage yourself to rehydrate more regularly on hot days. Both of these fruits are detoxifiers and help to cleanse your skin from the inside.


Nothing cools your body on a hot day quite like a slice of cold watermelon. They are delicious put in a blender with a handful of ice; add a dollop of plain yoghurt if you’re super hungry.

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