Ba Đình

If you’ve been living in Ha Noi for a few months of more, chances are you’re already familiar with Ba Dinh Square and/or Ba Dinh Square. There’s an interesting story behind the name, Ba Dinh, which means ‘3 communal houses’.

Over 130 years ago in Nga Son district, Thanh Ho province, 3 villages turned their communal houses into guerilla bases, from which they attacked the French colonialists who ruled Vietnam at the time. The fighting raged for 32 days and nights and the incident became known and celebrated as the Ba Dinh Uprising.


When President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence from France in 1945, he chose to do so from Ha Noi’s Ba Dinh Square, giving a nod to the rural men and women who bravely rose up against the colonial oppressors back in 1886.

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