5 more indoor plants that combat air pollution in your home

While the spring weather in Hanoi is some of the year’s best, this time of year can also see air pollution levels sky-rocket. Here are 5 more air-purifying plants that you can easily purchase on Hoang Hoa Tham St:

English ivy (above)

This plant grows well indoors, even in rooms with little sunlight. It can be a slow grower at first, so give it plenty of fertilizer.

Golden Pothos

This creeping plant grows like a weed in Vietnam, so you’ll have no trouble caring for it. Golden pothos tackles formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene – all of which are found in car exhaust fumes

Lady palm

Lady palms love humidity and heat and are almost indestructible – they seem to thrive on neglect.

Chinese evergreen

This attractive and compact pot plant eats up formaldehyde


Philodenron (aka Monsteria) plants can’t tolerate direct sunlight for long, but they do like a bright room. Perfectly suited to Vietnam’s climate.

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